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VidCon’s Industry Track offers unparalleled access. This year’s Industry track will help decide the future of online video as the lines between traditional and digital video continue to merge.

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Who should attend the Industry Track?

  • Creators and Influencers
  • Marketers
  • Advertising Agency Executives
  • Media Company Executives
  • Video Producers, Show Runners, and Creative Executives
  • Brand Strategists
  • Audience Development Professionals
  • Business Owners

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Industry Speakers

Agenda at a Glance

Below, is a list of just a few of the great sessions that we have lined up for the Industry Track:

Learn Killer Tips from Top Experts: Audience Development Roundtable and Q&A:

Join four leading social video optimization experts for a one-of-a-kind session on the very best tips, tricks, and strategies for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and more. Between them, Rob Sandie, Mark Robertson, Travis Chambers and String Nguyen have helped creators and brands generate hundreds of millions of video views for their content, and their passion for the platform has given them a unique insight into both the challenges and the opportunities, that creators face today. Join this one-off session and learn from each of the experts as they share their newest and most exclusive tips.

The 8 Formats You Must Know to Build Your Audience on YouTube

Many creators and digital brands struggle to answer the question “what should we make?” They struggle, in part, because they don’t have a system of development in which to analyze their content. Matt Gielen hopes that understanding the taxonomy of digital video will allow a breakdown of the complexity of these programming choices into a structure and a system of thinking that ensures your videos will get watched. Matt will be hosting an AMA roundtable discussion today in room 218 at 4:00 pm where he will explore these formats in more detail and answer any of your questions.

A Content and Creator First Approach to Rapidly Building a Facebook Page

Yes, you can quickly scale a new Facebook page. Learn how you can apply rapidly shareable content with a network of influencers and creators to quickly scale your page without breaking the bank. Dominick Damico has built a variety of pages from nothing to huge over the last year and gives you his secret formula and step-by-step instructions on exactly what you need to do to scale a page that’s relevant to your niche and audience.

Mastering the New Wave of LinkedIn Video

With over 500 million users, LinkedIn has evolved beyond the networking and resume platform. It’s now focused on being a content driven platform providing insights, news and thought leadership- so what does that all mean? Join String, an early LinkedIn Video Innovator, and Top Voice, as she shares her tactics and insights about how to leverage video for your brand.

Secrets Revealed: The Ultimate Social Video Ad Funnel

In this keynote presentation, Travis chambers will share secrets on how has driven $100M in revenue and doubled 5 multi-million dollar companies last year. He’ll show strategies to run paid ad campaigns using videos and track the full impact and sales performance. You’ll learn: What’s new in the social video marketing space? Why most social media ads should be video: impact on conversion rates, revenue and brand image. How social video has shifted from brand awareness to direct response and trackable sales. The new definition of viral video in 2018: how the rules have all changed.

How to Get Your Videos Found in Search

This detailed session will teach you the tricks of the trade of a search-driven video strategy, covering not only how to optimize your videos for YouTube search, but the foundations of ranking videos in traditional Google search. Learn how to use search to drive views, including website strategies for cross-promoting your video content.

Defining Influence: Are Influencers REALLY Influential?

There’s no hotter topic, idea, or misunderstood marketing/business strategy on the planet right now. Influencer marketing feels like something we should all be doing if we’re not already. But, why? How? Who? When? And, to what investment level? In this workshop, we’ll define, tease-out, & work through whether or not today’s influencers are truly influential when it comes to your bottom line.

The Changing Face of Online Video – How The Changing Face of Celebrity is Also Radically Changing Media

What is a celebrity? How do you define influence? And how are the new crop of digital influencers, creators, and celebrities rewriting the rules of access, media, and community? This wide-ranging conversation with two of the leading talent managers dominating this new space explores how creators become celebrities, how their careers are nurtured and managed and how media companies, brands, agencies and other constituents should think about leveraging and participating in that success.

Creators Tell Brands and Agencies How To Successfully Work With Them to Build Successful Integrations

Want to know how to work with the top digital video creators? Find out from the horses’ mouth. This session brings together five top online video creators and will explore how they like to work with brands and others on activations, sponsorships, and other collaborations.

Developing a Data-Driven Approach for Influencer Marketing

Like every other marketing channel, Influencer Marketing strategy should be driven by data and ROI metrics – yet typically it is not. But as influencer marketing has matured, now it really is possible, as the tools and expertise are now available to build models and develop data-driven insights before you engage with an Influencer. This workshop will lay out the benefits of a data-driven approach, provide a framework for structuring a campaign and selecting influencers based on their audience, provide tips on optimizing those campaigns, and then provide key metrics and how to measure them. Finally, a case study will be presented where a data-driven approach drove significant increases in ROI.

Macro Influencers vs. Micro Influencers – Which is best for your brand?

What’s best for your brand message – working with a small group of big creators and influencers, or a broader group of smaller or more “micro” influencers? This session explores both sides of the debate, with hands-on examples of what’s working and what isn’t, from brands, agencies and the creators themselves.

The Future of Influencer Marketing & How the Trends are Wrong

Instagram or YouTube? Micro-influencer or macro-influencer? Self-serve marketplace or agency? Engagement or revenue? Potential reach or brand safety? Brand marketing or performance marketing? Pay the influencer more or less? There are a lot of questions when it comes to influencer marketing, and in this session, Peg CEO Nic Yeeles has mined his company’s extensive archive of influencer data to derive some unexpected answers to these questions. What might surprise you: almost every industry trend is wrong.

The State of Social Video in Australia

As the line continues to blur between TV viewing, mobile viewing and OTT, content creators in Australia are faced with new challenges around what to produce, where to distribute, and how to monetize video. Already, there are 10 million more video engagements on Australian social platforms than there were at this time last year and rising. It’s becoming more entrenched than ever when it comes to content discovery and audience retention, but also finding important use cases when it comes to longer-format viewing on mobile devices, driving subscriptions, and keeping viewers engaged between seasons. In this presentation, Shareablee Inc. Founder & CEO Tania Yuki will examine the latest insights to achieving success in the current landscape of social video in Australia, including consumer trends like commercial free content, the future of advertising in a world of time shifting, and the practices of key players such as Netflix, Stan, and Foxtel when it comes to original scripted programming.

A Note from VidCon GM Jim Louderback:

The online video industry keeps changing quickly — sometimes minute by minute. An algorithm change by Facebook could seriously harm your business, but it also offers an opportunity to accelerate your growth. Fake influencers sap dollars and ROI from marketing campaigns, while truly influential creators continue to provide outsized returns to companies that know how to work with them. Your brand could be tarnished in minutes by association with bad actors and puerile creators, while the trend towards removing ads from truly honorable and valuable creator channels has caused much pain and loss of livelihood.

New megatrends on the horizon promise to create great opportunity — or extreme peril — depending on how you react. Consider crypto-currency and the blockchain, for example. The anonymous blockchain offers the potential to rewrite the rules between creators and fans, but the cryptocurrency bubble might just derail the whole thing. Virtual Reality is in the doldrums while its shiner cousin, augmented reality, gets all the happy press. Although the brickbats tossed at both VR and AR are surely misguided, those that do hit home could set either back years.

And what about newer sites, services, products, and platforms? Uncovering the next big thing can propel your business forward, while spending too much time on a dying platform can slow your progress.

We’re super excited to bring VidCon back to Australia in 2018, and the Industry Track will continue to tackle the big issues laid out above, while providing hands-on workshops and seminars to help you build a bigger and better business on the media revolution of online video.

The media world is changing rapidly, fortunes are being made and lost every month. VidCon’s Industry Track provides the only place for Australia’s new media industry to come together and learn from each other and from the unparalleled group of worldwide experts we bring to Melbourne. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

—Jim Louderback, General Manager, VidCon