VidCon’s Industry Track offers unparalleled access. This year’s Industry track will help decide the future of online video as the lines between traditional and digital video continue to merge.

With your Industry Badge you can:

  • Access all Community, Creator, and Industry content including the Meet & Greet and Creator Chat lotteries.
  • Attend the Industry reception to make new friends and connections
  • Learn secrets from the experts
  • Build strategies, insights, and alliances

VidCon Australia Industry Speakers:

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  • Ian Murray, CEO, 113 partners
  • Joshua Lowcock, EVP Head of Digital, Universal McCann
  • Tom Maynard, Founder and CEO, Marquee Studios
  • Victor Gugger, Managing Director, ValleyArm Digital
  • Trent Blacket, Managing Director, ROAR Asia Pacific
  • Steve Crombie, Founder and CEO, Totem
  • Chris Dodson, Head of YouTube and Ads Marketing, YouTube Australia
  • Julie Kalceff, Writer Director Producer, Common Language Films
  • Liz Ferguson, Managing Director, Kin Community
  • Mike Cowap, Development Manager, Screen Australia
  • Helen Simondson, Head of Public Programs and Education, Australian Centre for the Moving Image

A note from Industry Track Editorial Director Jim Louderback:

How do you build lasting success in today’s fractured media landscape? We’ve entered a new phase in the evolution of the online video industry — and indeed in media in general. The bigger players are consolidating, early leaders in online video are either growing or selling out, and new stars, influencers, and creators are building big and profitable audiences. And so many more channels now exist for all the amazing content being created, but not all of them will actually share their revenue, or pay for your content.

A huge land grab is underway as innovators and old-timers focus on creating and owning the top franchises, formats, creators and platforms — all with an eye towards dominating passionate communities. And that’s what we’ll be exploring at VidCon Australia’s Industry Track this year as these influential communities become the driver of media success and as the lines between traditional and digital video continue to merge.

We’ll dive deep into the battles over franchises, formats, platforms, creators, and community with an eye on how you can achieve lasting success as you build passionate and enthusiastic fans, audiences, ambassadors, subscribers, and followers.

Strategies from the experts. Secrets and insights from those in the trenches. A look into the future and what it will hold — all that and more will be central to VidCon’s Industry track in Australia this year. Want to be a leader in this wild land grab? There’s no better place than VidCon to build the knowledge, connections, and alliances that will deliver lasting success.

You’ll see exciting new projects from leading digital studios. You’ll discover amazing new VR and AR startups building the 360-degree revolution. You’ll learn actionable insights from hackers and experts to help you grow your channels, pages and communities on YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and more. And you’ll hear lessons from the most disruptive brands on how they are successfully using these new creators to drive dramatic revenue and profit growth.

So get your tickets today! And don’t wait! The Industry Track WILL sell out, and you don’t want to be left on the outside looking in — at all your competitors, partners, and customers having fun and learning a ton!

—Jim Louderback, Editorial Director, Industry Track