Creators love their fans, and their fans love them back.

This is excellent, and it seems only natural that they should get to meet! We love that some creators will stand in the same place for hours at a time to meet as many people as possible. But that “as possible” is unfortunately not “every person.”

For the last couple years at VidCon US, we have held an online Meet & Greet lottery to give everyone an equal chance of meeting their favorite creator. This ensures that no one waits in line only to be disappointed when a session is full, and it generally reduces the amount of time people are waiting in Meet & Greet lines.

Here’s how it works:

The Meet & Greet Lottery is open to Community and Industry attendees only.
Creator Track attendees do not have access to the Meet & Greet Hall.

– The Lottery will open on a TBA date about one to two months before VidCon Australia. You must be registered before this in order to participate in the lottery.

– On this date, you will receive a link at the email address you used to register to rank your top choices for Meet & Greet tickets.
– The Lottery will then close a few weeks later and results will be announced soon after.
– When you check in on site to pick up your badge, you will receive wristbands that grant you access for each Meet & Greet session.

The Buddy System is in effect! This is an awesome way for you to join the Meet & Greet Lottery with a friend. When the Lottery Opens, we will give you instructions on how to participate in the Lottery with a Buddy.

If you are an adult (18+) who would like to join the child you are attending with in the Meet & Greet Hall, you are more than welcome accompany them without having a wristband yourself. If you would like to be in the photograph that is taken, however, you will also need to have a wristband for that Meet & Greet session.