Adelaine Morin

Adelaine Morin is master of beauty and transformation. Since creating her YouTube channel in 2011, this Canadian born influencer has brought her self-taught makeup artistry to the forefront of her digital stream. Finding inspiration within her YouTube community and pop culture, Adelaine seamlessly transforms herself into leading figures of film, television, and music. These dynamic videos illuminate her exceptional talents and bold personality, while also providing her Adelangels with inspired original content. As a beauty guru, Adelaine has amassed over 4 million multiplatform followers, cementing herself as a driving force amongst beauty and makeup influencers. With no signs of letting up, Adelaine continues to grow and inspire a generation of viewers with her empowering messages and support of her peers. With the creation of her merchandising brand, Girls Supporting Girls, Adelaine has created a brand that continues to spread her message of female empowerment to millions of girls worldwide. Adelaine truly demonstrates that Girls Supporting Girls is an unstoppable combination.