How To Cook That

Ann Reardon is a food scientist, entrepreneur, wife, mum and one of the world's sweetest YouTubers with almost 3 million subscribers and 400 million views. Her incredible creations have appeared on hundreds of websites around the world, newspapers and TV shows. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science went on the studiy dietetics and works as dietitian before starting the website and YouTube channel in 2011. Ann, who now averages 1 million views per episode, regularly leverages her influence to promote big-hearted individuals and charities to a worldwide audience. As well as working with international brands such as Breville, LG, Pyrex, King Games, Apple, Red and Jamberry Nails, Ann also developed the 'Surprise Cakes' app which uses 3D augmented reality to animate the top of birthday cakes. The app has reached best-seller in the food and drink category. In 2016, her company released a range of HowToCookThat shirts, nail wraps and even a young adult novel 'The Deep Enders'. HowToCookThat showreel: