Jazza (Draw With Jazza)

Jazza (aka Josiah Brooks) is an artist, animator, social media personality, author, and television presenter. He is the face, as well as the creative mind, behind the popular art YouTube channel ‘Draw With Jazza’, a highly subscribed and viewed channel, which is filled with tutorials, art challenges and competitions. 

In 2011 he began his YouTube channel, presenting animation and drawing tutorials using digital as well as traditional methods. His popular art style, technical knowledge and relatable personality meant his channel grew quickly.

His social media presence on other platforms has grown and with a large Twitch following he regularly livestreams on 'Live With Jazza’, creating art live, online. He presents and co-created a children’s television art show, 'Cartoon It Up' produced by the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Josiah also founded Jazza Studios, which encompasses a successful website selling eBooks and digital art resources. His book Draw With Jazza: Creating Characters has been published internationally. He collected and loved 'How to Draw' books as a child and is excited to have the opportunity to have written some of his own.

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