Tanya Hennessy

If Amy Schumer and Rebel Wilson had a love child, you’d get Tanya Hennessy – comedian, radio announcer and social media sensation. Tanya’s not just multi-platform force, she’s a content creator whose comedic chops have earnt her a Facebook following in excess of 1 million.

In 2018 Tanya is heard around the country on the HIT Network as National weekend breakfast host from 7am to 9am. She’s also launching her first self-penned book with Allen & Unwin - which will be out in all good retailers in June.

Tanya’s a prolific creator; her funny and brutally honest online videos of everyday topics (things people say to hairdressers, things people say to personal trainers) mean she has built a worldwide following which in turn has attracted big brands such as Amex, Netflix, FORD, Benefit Cosmetics and Samsung.

In 2017 Tanya’s rising star was recognized when she won the Junkee Award for Breakthrough Artist, was nominated for Cosmo Woman of the Year and won best radio documentary at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards.

As a writer, Tanya contributes to News.com.au where she candidly shares her experiences and opinions on life matters and in 2018 she’ll have her own column in Cosmopolitan.

In addition, Tanya often features on national breakfast and news television shows, including The Morning Show, National 9 News, Studio 10, Weekend TODAY and The Project.

Never one to shy away from having a laugh at herself, Tanya started her career as an actor/comic with a Bachelor of Arts Theatre/Media from CSU and has undertaken courses at Screenwise and NIDA.

A multi-media star in the true sense, Tanya’s engaging and comedic take on life across all platforms, is growing her audience exponentially in Australia and internationally.