Tanya Hennessy

Tanya Hennessy is a unique, relatable, no-holds barred content creator with a following across all her digital platforms that is growing exponentially, as people are tuning in from all over the world to connect with her and be entertained by her highly amusing and self-deprecating take on life.
A content creator with a difference, Tanya’s engaging and relatable take on life has seen one of her latest Facebook videos, a comical take on a makeup tutorial, accumulate over 250 million views globally.

Tanya can currently be heard on breakfast radio on HIT104.7 Canberra, the number one FM breakfast show in the nation’s capital, as well as Saturday morning on 2Day FM in Sydney on the Ryan and Tanya show.
As a writer, Tanya contributes to News.com.au and Cosmo where she candidly shares her experiences and opinions on life matters. She has also been featured on Mornings, Studio 10, Weekend TODAY and The Project. She has recently been nominated for Cosmo Performer of the Year, and is also appearing in Bachelor Unpacked, an online show for Channel Ten. On her recent trip to Los Angeles, Tanya was invited to Facebook and ran amok, although did manage to sit still long enough do a Facebook Live video from their headquarters.

Tanya recently (and unsuccessfully) campaigned for adults to be able to order children’s meals in cafes and pubs.
Her passions include; snapchat, sitting down and grated cheese.

Here's where you'll find Tanya Hennessy