Harry Brisson (Director of Lab Research - Nielsen)

Harry currently leads the Nielsen Media Lab, where he investigates the impact of emerging technology and trends on consumers, publishers, and advertisers.  In various roles, he’s used Nielsen data to improve ad experiences for consumers, to demonstrate the power of new media platforms, and to help create and distribute content their viewers will love. 

With the Nielsen Media Lab, Harry has launched new measurement offerings for technologies like voice assistants, podcasting and virtual reality, helping to establish a foundation of facts upon which new industries can flourish.  A co-founding member of Nielsen’s VR task force, he’s run thousands of consumers through virtual reality lab experiences to explore what qualities and characteristics will define content in the new medium.  

Clients that Harry has worked with include some of the largest and most successful businesses in the world, spanning industries such as media, technology and retail.  Research studies he's designed have been featured at conferences and events around the world including CES, Advertising Week, Cannes Lions, Mobile World Congress & VidCon.

Harry is a proud supporter of educational video creators on Patreon, including Crash Course, 8-Bit Music Theory, Kurzgesagt, and HyperChange TV.

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