Danielle Lewis (CEO and Co-Founder - Scrunch.com)

Danielle is the co-founder & CEO of Scrunch, a data-driven Influencer Marketing platform helping to connect brands, publishers and agencies to the right Influencers for their campaign. 

Danielle has a background in fashion design, blogging and enterprise sales - but her heart really belongs to travel and champagne. 10 years ago she started the blog Brisbane Threads while pursuing a career in enterprise sales for Australia's largest telecommunications company. It was through this blog that the world of digital Influencers and their challenges would interest her so much that she threw-in a rising career to pursue the world of technology startups. 5 years later, Danielle has successfully raised over $3Million in capital, built a world-class team and launched a SaaS platform in Australia and the US. Next stop, Margaritas in Mexico.