Alright Hey

Breaking barriers is what Alright Hey does on a regular basis. He’s known for his witty sense of humour, his outrageous red carpet looks and being an advocate for mental health and LGBTQI+ issues.
He’s toured the country with sold out shows in every city and now it’s time to bring his flamboyant flare to VidCon Australia.

Alright Hey’s audience connects with him on a very close level, between making mainly comedy based videos, he also uses his platform to bring awareness to a lot of issues that everyone faces, as he says “I have the same issues everyone else does, the only difference is I openly talk about them”. In 2017 he brought his followers along with him on his very personal weight loss journey, losing 30 kilos and helping his followers with tips along the way.

What’s his favourite part of all this? “Meeting the people who watch me. I love when I get the opportunity to meet my viewers face to face. It’s great to understand who they are and where they come from”.