Stop Thinking Like A Marketer: Producer Secrets for Direct-To-Consumer Storytelling

Throughout time, stories have had the power to connect audiences and endure time. Consumers crave a sense of purpose and values that they can identify with and connect to. New advents in technology have enabled personalized content discovery and fueled ongoing shifts in consumer behaviours and media consumption. Now more than ever, brands have the opportunity to create and own direct-to-consumer relationships and architect the consumer journey by rethinking technology role in the act of brand storytelling.

What you will learn:

  • Mastering the art of storytelling: Think like a producer/showrunner.
  • Reprioritize and architect “immersive content experiences” over the “user experience.”
  • Data & Analytics & Embracing the shift from “Always On” to “Agile, Always On Marketing.”
  • Flexibility & Embracing Innovation, Creativity in the “Every night is Premiere Night” Era.
  • Marketing Campaigns: “Know when to hold ‘em: Know when to fold ‘em & knowing when to walk away.”