Jessica Holsman (Study With Jess)

Jessica Holsman is an Australian YouTube creator, entrepreneur, published author, and producer. Her passion for empowering students to succeed in school, celebrate their unique qualities and pursue a meaningful and purposeful life has led her to become the voice of many teens and young adults online.

With over 23 million views on her YouTube channel ‘Study With Jess’, Jess continues to shed light on the important issues effecting many students and young adults today and offers her ongoing support in helping them increase their productivity, boost their mental health and adopt a healthy work/life balance.

She recently launched her advice column, 'Dear Jess', in an effort to further support teens and young adults. Jess has also co-produced and written her latest web series Life of Jess, a scripted teen ‘dramedy’ on YouTube and stared in Mind Full, a documentary on e-mental health. In addition, she is the founder of the educational stationery line for students; Educationery, and a published author of the study skills book, The High School Survival Guide.

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