Alli Simpson

Alli Simpson is a 21 year-old Australian-born host, model, brand ambassador, actress and singer. Alli was inspired to have her own try at the entertainment business after watching her brother, Cody, rise to stardom. She gained notoriety by becoming the youngest nationally syndicated radio host ever reaching 7 million weekly listeners on Radio Disney. Simpson’s infectious smile and reserved but big personality is what draws her fans to come back day after day for more digital content and advice.
Alli independently released five singles via her own label, So Alli Records. Several of which landed her on the Billboard charts and all of which have garnered millions of views on YouTube. ‘Notice Me’ has over 21 million views, ‘Why I’m Single’ over 10 million views and ‘Roll ‘Em Up’ feat. Jack & Jack, a track written for Alli by Cody Simpson and Selena Gomez, has over 6.5 millions views. All of the songs reflect Alli’s fun, personable nature as well as her love for music.
Simpson grew up in a very tight knit family. She loves to help and give advice to many, having lent her voice to many anti-bullying initiatives. She is inspired to do good in the world by seeing the impact her vice has on people.

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