Jazza (Draw With Jazza)

Josiah Brooks (aka Jazza) is the force behind the YouTube channel, Draw With Jazza, (over 4 million subscribers). The channel began with tutorials but now features art themed entertainment content such as art challenges and games. His online videos appeal to artists and non artists alike. His audience enjoy the fun in his videos, watching him attempt to create masterpieces with unusual materials, like correction fluid or coffee, paint while hanging upside down, blindfolded or make giant art using a brush attached to remote control car. As well as online video Jazza has worked in traditional media and built a small empire of successful businesses from his YouTube channel. He has co-created and hosted a Children's television Art series, broadcast by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission). He has a bestselling internationally published How to Draw Book was translated into several languages, and has his own top selling Art Game App on Itunes and Google Play, ‘Arty Games’. He also has a secondary vlog channel Daily Jazza.

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