Ivan Gomez (Managing Director - Department of the Future)

Ivan Gomez is the founder and managing director of the Department of the Future, a content agency that has found a unique niche in creating agile and authentic content that champions the individual experience.

Having spent 25 years dedicated to the art of storytelling, working with the likes of Oprah, Jimmy Barnes, Red Bull, and Xbox, Ivan has come to understand that the best content is that which is audience lead and he has consequently become a champion of user-generated content.

Dedicated to authenticity, Ivan has curated a unique and unorthodox method of engaging with talent, be it a student or a global superstar, that results in relatable and humanising content that can hit at the heart of any intended audience in such a way traditional content can often lack.

When not on the tools Ivan can be found spending time at the farm and tending to the horses at Imperial Stud.

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